Reach New Heights

Improving Leadership


Transforming and empowering individuals seeking personal and professional success.

Consulting & Leadership Development

Enhancing and developing teams and organizations in order to deepen impact and increase productivity.

Workshops & Training

Supporting individuals
seeking inspiration, personal
growth, and leadership
development in a group setting.

The Strategic Difference

We work with individuals, teams and organizations to uncover strengths and unique gifts. For every client to achieve impactful results, we offer a personalized approach for individual and group coaching as well as team and organization training and development.

Key Themes for Leaders

The Strategic Difference helps individuals lead with integrity and develop self-awareness, allowing them to be their best in all aspects of life.

Key Themes for Businesses & Organizations

Through coaching and leadership development, The Strategic Difference helps teams and organizations uncover and enhance their strengths, plan strategically and become better leaders. In this way, they can provide meaningful engagement and contribute to improving the organization and its goals.